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Current Electrical Projects


USPS Battery Chargers


Guardian provides electrical services to the USPS distribution center to install multiple panelboards and battery chargers for their equipment.

Large Modern House with Pool

Flatirons Warehouse

GC: Echo Company Constructors

A brand new 9900 sqft warehouse with a 400A service, 16 high bay lights with lighting control.

Office Building

Pearl St. Townhomes

GC: Vulcan Builders

This is a 3 unit townhome building with a 4 car detached garage and a historic single family home on the same property. A ground up construction project right off of the historic Pearl St in Boulder Colorado.

Buildings Close Together

Delaware 8 Apartment Building

GC: J&M Developers

This is an 8 Unit apartment building with a 4 car detached garage. This apartment building is located on the edge of downtown Denver right off of Delaware St.

Large Modern House with Pool

1107 Downing St

Mad Vibes Services

A 3 story Single Family dwelling in the heart of Downtown Denver. This home is getting a beautiful interior renovation which will have a new electrical service and more modern interior look.

Office Building

Tabernash Modular Townhomes

GC: Timbercreek Building Company

On a beautiful development loop in Tabernash Colorado we are helping Timbercreek build four modular home buildings. These building each require a 400A service with a basment rough-in. The modular homes are built off-site and require our team to install the splicing kits and junction boxes to tie all of the modular pieces together.

Portfolio: Projects

Commercial Electrical Projects

Guardian Electrical Services takes care of electrical construction, service/maintenance and remodels/renovations of all sizes.


Macy's At Your Service

GC: Guardian Building Solutions

Guardian Electrical Services has provided electrical services to Macy's Department Stores all over the nation. At Your Service was an upgrade to their mobile order pick ups and returns.

Allbirds rough in.jpg

Allbirds Inc. Pearl St.

GC: Russco Inc.

Allbirds is a worldwide shoe and apparel company and  we have been provided the opportunity to help build their Boulder, CO store. They are an incredible company that helps the world by using sustainable materials in all of their products. This store has an incredible design and once this project is finished, they will be the hottest store on Pearl St.

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CSU Salt Shed

GC: Echo Company Constructors

CSU Salt Shed is our first commercial, ground-up project. We are proud to be working with Sunnyside Builders on this project. This is a simple project that consists of a 100A Panel, LED Lights and minimal power receptacles. Although this project is small, we know that this was the beginning of the growth of our company.

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Pandora Jewelry

January 25, 2025

Guardian Electrical Services handles the new electrical installations for many of the Pandora pads located on the western half of the USA. These pads require our teams to follow the specs provided by Pandora and to adhere to the standards of the Macy's Department Stores.

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Large Modern House with Pool

Charleys Philly Steaks Westminster and Thornton

GC: GC Strategies

Guardian Electrical Services specializes in commercial work of all sorts including restaurants. Charleys located within two separate Wal Mart locations in Westminster and Thornton.

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Leiffa Dispensaries

GC: Guardian Building Solutions

Dispensaries and grow house fall under the many categories of electrical services that Guardian works under. We understand the complexities it takes to install or troubleshoot electrical systems that require timed control and link to specialty HVAC equipment to ensure the growth of cannabis is maintained. We have built one of the largest dispensaries in Colorado that serves both medical and recreational consumers.

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Biltmore Macy's Starbucks

GC: Guardian Building Solutions

This is your Project Description. Write a short overview of the project including important features, details, and any other relevant information a client may find useful. Make sure the text is clear and easy to read. Tip from the pros: add an image of the project to give your clients a way of visualizing what you have worked on.

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Large Modern House with Pool

Jefferson County Schools

GC: Smart Home Repair LLC

Smart Home Repair takes care of a lot of interior renovations for Jefferson County School District. Guardian has taken care of many school projects since 2021 from gymnasiums, conference rooms, cafeteria freezers, exterior sheds and more. We understand what the schools want and deliver an excellent product every time.

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  • Leiffa Cooling Tower Project - Brand new 400A feed

  • Assembly Student Living Tower Device Replacement - 440 unit device replacement

  • Assembly Student Living Cafeteria Remodel

  • Assembly Student Living Exterior Shed - 100A Panel

  • Assembly Student Living Tower Painting

  • Broadway Subaru Car Lift

  • Broadway Range Rover Compressor

  • Broadway Toyota Car Scanner

  • Broadway Subaru Car Scanner

  • Silverthorne Subaru Car Scanner

  • 120th Staples Light Replacement

  • Brady School Electrical Service Work

  • Macy's Fragrance Remodel

  • Macy's Cashwrap Consolidation (Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Washington)

Portfolio: Projects

Multi-Family Electrical Projects

As a dedicated team of contractors, it gives us great pride to be able to call these projects our own. Whatever the size or time commitment of each project, our flexibility and strong work ethic allows us to carefully plan ahead in order to meet deadlines while delivering high quality solutions that are built to last. Take a look at some sample projects below.


Balsam Townhomes

GC: J&M Developers

This 11 Unit Town-home Complex is right off of Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood! This project has 2 unit models, each three stories tall with a one car garage. Echo Company Constructors are taking over the multi-family projects and we are growing right along with them.

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2008 Pearl st.jpg

2008 Pearl St Multi Use

GC: Echo Company Constructors

2008 Pearl St is a 4 unit Townhome project with a separate retail space in the adjacent building. We are excited to be working with Sunnyside Builders to get these homes built. These townhomes will be the nicest homes on the block.

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1590 Ingalls Apartments

GC: Echo Company Constructors

We are incredibly excited to continue working with Echo Company Constructors on this 18 unit Condominium project in Lakewood. This project features 6 different unit models and a full 1st floor covered garage. A simple project but incredibly detailed.

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Portfolio: Projects

Residential Electrical Projects

As a dedicated team of contractors, it gives us great pride to be able to call these projects our own. Whatever the size or time commitment of each project, our flexibility and strong work ethic allows us to carefully plan ahead in order to meet deadlines while delivering high quality solutions that are built to last. Take a look at some sample projects below.

Large Modern House with Pool

40th Ave Addition

A Major home renovation and addition to turn this home small 3 bedroom home into a large beautiful 5 bedroom home on the outskirts of Denver. The owners of this home wanted to keep the main level the original old style with the brass look and have the upstairs level look more modern and sleek.

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Service Change.jpg

Electrical Service Upgrades

Our team of electrical professionals provide you with the highest quality service upgrade at an affordable cost. Same day estimates and one day installation. If you have an outdated panel or are looking to expand your electrical needs then this is the service for you!

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2961 Detached Garage

Our first finished contracted project built in partnership with Buildsmith LLC. This 534 sq.ft. detached garage features a single wide, two car deep first level with a workshop area. Also an attic style storage area and an attached pergola covered patio space.

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Coughran Lighting.jpg

Home Lighting Upgrades

Our team specializes in providing our clients with lighting upgrades the way they want it. Guardian has an in house drywall, paint and texture team if your lighting needs requires a little extra help. Our team will sit down and go over designs and lighting location for anything you desire.

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Cabinet Counter Lighting.jpg

Broadbent Kitchen Lighting

Looking to make your kitchen the highlight of your home? Cabinet and counter lighting will do just that. We took this already beautiful kitchen and turned it into the undeniable center piece of the home with just a small amount of lighting.

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Broadbent Home Integration

When we started this project, the home owner was very skeptical that he would be using the Alexa to turn on lights or play music or schedule reminders. Fast forward one month and he doesn't do anything around the house without it. We can help install all smart devices throughout the home and integrate the system with a number of voice command devices.

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Portfolio: Projects
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